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Client Testimonials

With more than 4,000 active users, PICTUS is already making life easier for stewardships & PROs. But you don’t have to take our word for it.

Rosemary Sutton
Rosemary SuttonExecutive Director, Tire Stewardship BC

"In 2019, Tire Stewardship BC moved from a paper-based eco fee reporting and payment submission process to the PICTUS application. This switch has been positively received by the over 2,000 retailers now using PICTUS to report, make payment and review account details.

The move to this self-reporting system that provides automated financial reconciliation—all while maintaining necessary authorizations and accountabilities—has created significant business efficiencies for the TSBC organization."

David Lawes
David LawesBC Used Oil Management Association

In adopting the PICTUS application, BCUOMA has been able to move away from our heavily paper-based processes to a contemporary electronic system that allows us to file environmental handling charges in a simple and efficient way. As this revenue is key to supporting our programming efforts across the province, a modernized revenue collection and management system is an essential component of our success that is now easily and accurately tracked in PICTUS. Having a significant amount of data available at our fingertips has positively impacted many key areas of our business and allows us to better serve our members.

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