Are you a PICTUS agency user and ready to sign up for Insights and discover new trends?

All PICTUS agency users can see the Summary page as an Insights visualization. However, to go deeper and see more information about your organization, here are the steps.

  1. Your organization needs a PICTUS subscription to Insights. The subscription gives you access to standard visualizations we have built and will continue to build. It also gives power users in your organization access to our simplified database, making reporting much, much easier. You can then build your own visualizations using Microsoft Power BI Desktop, which is a free download.
  2. You need to sign up with Microsoft for Power BI Pro and link to the PICTUS Power BI Workspace we have defined for your organization. As of February 2021, there was a $12.80 per month charge for each user to access the service.
  3. You need to decide how many Insights service bundles you need. You can buy service bundles in 50 hour increments. You will definitely need some help to get started, develop a few visualizations specific to your needs, but over time your support needs will decline.

Please fill out the form below to learn more and get the process started.