The PICTUS suite of applications offers:

Self-service access and ease of use

  • Modules can be efficiently implemented, allowing organizations to transform and adapt quickly
  • Your external users can manage transactions and master data themselves, freeing your agency users from basic updates

Move away from paper documentation

  • Allows users to substantially reduce the amount of error-prone paper-based administration, moving from outdated legacy systems to fully automated filings and invoicing

Effective communications tools

  • Automatic and manual notifications, based upon specific queries.

Flexibility to connect with financial or other recycling systems easily and seamlessly

  • Use as a stand-alone or integrate with other applications

Scalability for all users

  • From small organizations with straight-forward programs to large organizations with complex requirements, PICTUS offers configurable modules tailored to each waste stream.

Enhanced compliance and data analytics

  • Gain access to sophisticated analytics tools to generate reports, statistics, and meet the data-heavy requirements of compliance reviews.