Release date: 23 September 2023

This Autumn 2023 release provided new functionality in a number of areas including Compliance, Claims, Reports, Communications and Registration.  

For Filing Members / Business Users:  

  • You can now ‘Download All’ your open invoices to a PDF file on the Open Invoices page 
  • The French version of the app has been retranslated for improved consistency 
  • New red error bubbles communicate more information and stay on the screen until you close them 

For Claimant Members / Business Users:  

  • Your home page has been redesigned and includes 10 ‘quick tips’ at the bottom of your page 
  • The French version of the app has been retranslated for improved consistency 
  • New red error bubbles communicate more information and stay on the screen until you close them 

For Steward/PRO Users:  

We’ve built on the Communications module improvements from 4.2 (Spring 2023): 

  • Manage your tags on Contacts better on the new Global Contacts page 
  • Info Tab now has an easier to read rolled-up summary of how the email is progressing across sends, deliveries, opens and errors  
  • English and French sub tabs are now available in the Message Tab for easier viewing of the message that was sent in either language 
  • Debug Tab has more information about any sending errors 

We’ve provided you with additional enhancements to the Reports:  

  • Select the Filing Period (rather than a date) on Filing reports 
  • Hide Reports, Tabs and Columns, and rename Reports and Columns with the new Report Configurator tool (currently available on 8 Claims reports) 
  • Note that all reports should be emailed to yourself (rather than downloaded) to avoid the 100s timeout 

We’ve made a few changes to Registration / Filing: 

  • To improve performance and future features, organizations are either Filing OR Claims now, they cannot be both 
  • Admins can hide more claims fields in the config 
  • Delete businesses that have never been operational 
  • Download all open invoices with a summary page on the Open Invoices page 

We’ve made major improvements to the Claims module:  

  • Save time and eliminate errors by uploading data directly from Claimants’ internal systems 
  • Easily convert claimant Excel files into your standard file with our translation tool, so you don’t have to ask claimants to change their files 
  • Creation of ‘layered’ claims that means a collection/delivery could kick-off auto-creation of new claims upon approval of the original claim. For example, a collection by a transporter that results in a distance incentive claim could be the basis for a claim by the processor for acceptance of the used products AND a claim by the transporter for a ‘fuel surcharge’. 
  • Six new rules for late Claims have been implemented so Financial Month End values do not change 
  • Three new rules have been implemented to ensure that claim elements are not empty or out-of-range 

We’ve launched the new Compliance module: 

  • Compliance begins with a ‘Review’, which is a period of time such as a quarter or a year. A Review contains Organizations to be reviewed, and Organizations contain Businesses. Organizations also contains Events (like sending letters, conducting site visits, finalizing reports). 
  • Compliance works for both Filing and Claims. There is a configuration page as well to set up the master data for Compliance. 
  • Compliance Details Report provides a record of a Review period.  
  • Compliance Candidates Report: provides a history of reviews over a 12 year period, helping you plan review candidates for the next year’s activities. 

We’ve worked on some technical and user interface Improvements to make things easier for you:

  • Consistency across dropdowns, spinning loaders, datepickers, file saving etc.  
  • Red error bubbles now stay on the screen until you close the message 
  • French and English values for a field can be viewed without switching the app language 
  • Improvements to make the app load faster 

Various bugs were also fixed across the modules with the most work being done for Claims.